The Forráspont is a knowledge center which was established by the Active Energy Association. The name „Forráspont” is significant, it means „boiling point” in English. This center aims to make environmentally conscious and energy efficient lifestyle accessible and knowable for everyone, and advocate conception and practice of sustainability through positive examples and practical ideas.

The Forráspont Energy House „found home” in Paks. Its exhibition building serves the presentation of sustainable LIFESTYLE and energy efficient, environmentally friendly building process with exhibitions, conferences and professional events. Besides, the building itself is a symbol of sustainable construction since during the planning process it was a highlighted aim to develop such an architectural-aesthetic appearance that demonstrates the function and ecological mission of the building.

Thanks to the building’s heat insulating shell structure, the Forráspont Energy House in Paks can adapt to weather conditions and it can expand and contract depending on the external temperature. Beside the climate adaptable size regulation, the speciality of the center is the exhibited architectural process that minimizes heat loss while the bulding perfectly utilizes solar energy.

The Forráspont Energy House consists of three parts which have different function and accordingly different building material and structure.

The first part of the building has asymmetric span roof and ferroconcrete structure with adobe walls. It contains permanent exhibitions, office spaces, meetings room, stores and engineering room .

The second part of the building with the temporary exhibition and programme room has the same geometry as the first part, except that it is entirely metal-glass construction.

The third part of the building is the open air terrace in front of the glass hall. In transitional seasons (spring, autumn) the movable shell structure can be shifted over the terrace therefore converts a pleasant opened-covered veranda which can be used as a terrace or a programme room as well. Heating and cooling of the building complex is solved with heat pump and geothermic energy.

The three-fold system embraces traditional Hungarian three-part cottage form as well. The building not only increases considerably energy efficiency but as an exhibition building it has an additional meaning: it demonstrates environmentally friendly and energy saving building and functioning solutions for wide social stratum.







If you would like to know more about environmentally friendly building solutions, we welcome you on our open days.

Open day dates and places:

2015. June 06
Neumann János street, 7030 Paks
2015. June 20
Neumann János street, 7030 Paks
2015. July 04
Neumann János street, 7030 Paks
2015. July 18
Neumann János street, 7030 Paks
2015. August 01
Neumann János street, 7030 Paks
2015. August 29
Neumann János street, 7030 Paks
2015. September 05
Neumann János street, 7030 Paks
2015. September 12
Neumann János street, 7030 Paks
2018. May 12
2018. September 17
2019. January 21
2019. February 12
2019. February 28
2019. March 21
2019. April 11
2019. April 15
2019. May 02
Air quality protection day
2019. June 12
ÖYP - Sportday
2019. September 13
ÖYP - Water protection day
2019. September 19
ÖYP - Sportsday
2020. January 24
ÖYP - E-mobility day
2020. July 24
ÖYP - E-mobility day
2020. August 03
ÖYP - Waste management day
2020. October 12
ÖYP - Waste management day
2020. October 19
ÖYP - Air quality management day

Here you can find an electric car and a luxury container house as well.

Did you know…

… that the aim of sustainable building planning and implementation is to make buildings economical and resources efficient? From this become these buildings comfortable and healthy surroundings and perfectly fit in social-cultural environment. This way they preserve their value for a long time for investors, owners and users as well.

… that in a sustainable building comfortable heat sensation, extra low heating cost and CO2 emission are guaranteed?

… that the Forráspont Energy House doesn’t need any chimney? They don’t have to get harmful substances that derives from burning to the air.

… that the Forráspont Energy House is able to change its size depending on the external temperature? Its shell structure is moved on a track and with the help of it the Forráspont Energy House in Paks is able to expand and contract complied to the weather.

Available only in Hungarian.

The Active Energy Association submitted proposal for the implementation of the Energy House for KEOP-6.2.0/B/09-11 application construction in 2013.

The national administration supported the proposal and the grant contract was signed in 2014.


Proposal data:

Project ID: KEOP-6.2.0/B/11-2013-0006

Project title: „ENERGIAHÁZ Bemutató Központ” („Energy House Exhibition Center”)

With the support of the European Union and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of KEOP-6.2.0/B/09-11 application construction.

Project investment cost (net amount): 157.030.000,- Ft

Awarded support: 149.178.500,- Ft

Forraspont Paks
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